Cooler Room – Hourly


+ $150.00

A staff member is available for assistance

+ $2.00

White folding chairs.

Cooler Room includes 16 chairs with rental. If you need additional chairs add here.

+ $350.00

i.e. MC, Announcer, Officiant

+ $250.00

The Bakery District will handle all setup and cleaning

+ $8.00

White round tables (seats 8 comfortably).
Cooler Room includes 2 tables with rental. If you need additional tables add here.

This action will let you pay a deposit of $75.00 for this product


This package is ideal for hosting smaller events such as baby showers, birthday parties, etc. These prices include 20 chairs and two tables but do not include set-up.

Cooler Room includes 16 Chairs and 2 tables if you need more please add above.