The Mill is a place for office workers who need an office to work in. The space is fully furnished and prepped so you can show up and get to work right away. Whether you are a student or an executive, the Mill offers a range of membership tiers: day use (drop-in), co-working, personal desks or private offices. See below for a description of membership tiers and the amenities that come with each.
  • Day Use $20 day

    Need a space to set up shop for the day? Come drop-in and feel right at home. You can use our space from 8:00-5:00 – taking advantage of the amenities we have on site.
  • Co-working $100 mo

    Make our space your space. This monthly membership grants you 24/7 access to our space and access to all of our offered amenities.
  • Personal Space $250 mo

    Come claim a space to make your own. This level of monthly membership grants you your own desk with lockable storage in addition to access to all other amenities.
  • Private Office $500 mo

    Need privacy in the shape of four walls with a furnished office? Come on down – we gotyou covered!
Amenities: conference rooms, printers, mail service, patio space, kitchen with commissary, free fresh coffee daily.
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